A Few Hemorrhoids Cures That Can Help Make Your Life Easier

Hemorrhoids Cures

Every person that is suffering from hemorrhoids has to deal with pain every day, which makes them want to try every Hemorrhoids Cures they can find information about.

Understanding what hemorrhoids are is the first important step in the correct diagnosis of this condition. So what are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are actually dilated veins in the anorectal area. This can be caused by an increase in abdominal pressure that pushes blood to the area, or because of bowel problems, mainly due to constipation. Even diarrhea can be responsible for dilated veins and can lead to hemorrhoids. Also, the lack of tissue tonicity of the anorectal area can cause hemorrhoids.

Most common symptoms are irritation and itching around the anus area, but in severe cases bleeding may occur. Hemorrhoids can be reduced or even eliminated so no surgery would be needed.

Hemorrhoids Cures that you can do yourself and that can help ease the pain:

  • Add more fiber to your diet – Fiber supplements help decrease hemorrhoid, inflammation or bleeding; good sources of fiber are broccoli, whole-grain foods, fresh fruit, beans, wheat and oat bran.
  • Exercise – a 20–30 minute walk every day can help stimulate bowel function.
  • Take Sitz baths – this is a warm water bath in which you have to sit, for a recommended 20 minutes, after each bowel movement.  You can do this in your own bathtub that you fill with a few inches of warm water.
  • Use creams and suppositories that contain hydrocortisone to soothe the pain .This is a temporary effect and it will not cure you of hemorrhoids.
  • Sit on a soft surface rather than a hard one – this can help reduce the swelling of existing hemorrhoids but also it can prevent the formation of new ones.


If the symptoms persist, other medical procedures may be needed, such as:

  • Injection;
  • Banding;
  • Coagulation or cauterization;
  • Surgery;


Hemorrhoids Cures can be effective, but if they are not combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, this unpleasant condition may reoccur.




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